The new Krautrock Album   Q2 - TIERE

is now also released  on Ricochet Dream

Ricochet Dream
Format: CDr, Album
Country: US
Style: Krautrock       

You can listen to the record on:

our Album  Q2  - Asteroid  is released on the US Label Ricochet dream.

Q2 - Asteroid
Q2 ‎– Asteroid
Ricochet Dream ‎– RD070
Format: CDr, Album
Country: US
Released: 13 May 2013
Style: Berlin-School         

A Review to Q2 Asteroid: Synth & Sequences

You can listen to both records on:

New Instruments in the Studio:

KORG Trident, an amazing polyphon synth & string monster!!

ROLAND Vocoder VP 330
- Tom Oberheim SEM patchpanel

- KORG 900PS

- KORG 800DV (maxiKorg)

- MFB URZWERG PRO, 32 step Stepsequencer  

- Hammond P 100 Organ, made in Hamburg ca.1965
Wurlitzer E-Piano (school model)
- casiotone 403, casiotone MT520, casio cz 1000