The Synthesizer Studio Hamburg
is a analog Synthesizer Recording Studio in Hamburg with ca.30 vintage Synthesizers/Organs/
Pianos  and ca.16 Drum Machines/Beat Boxes/Drum Synthesizers.
You also can rent a synthesizer for your own studio production or a show.

In the SYNTHESIZER STUDIO HAMBURG you can work in different ways:

  • recording complete productions

  • in existing productions: record synthesizers and /or drum machines

  • in existing productions: replace softwaresynths with real analog synths

  • Sampling of synthesizer-and drumsounds
  • competent support in synthesizer technology and synthesizer sounds

    We record with cubase sx, all sequencers and a lot of drum machines can be synchronized to the cubase midi-clock or your midi clock.

  • You also can record with your own Computer & Interface directly into your sessin.

  • if you want to visit the studio or rent the studio for recordings, please contact us:

Synthesizers in the Studio:

GRP:  A4 Synthesizer

Formant System & Doepfer Dark Time Step Sequencer

ROLAND: -System 100 (two of them) 2 x Model-101 (Synth), 2 x Model-102 (Expander)

              -Model 103 (Mixer/Spring Reverb), Model 104 (24Step Sequencer),

              -sh 05 - jupiter 4 - jupiter 8 - vintage keys

               NEW: RS 202 String Ensemble

MOOG: - mini moog - moog prodigy -

             NEW: Moog subsequent 37 synthesizer

ARP: - Odyssey 

NEW:   OBERHEIM / Viscount - OB12 poly Synthesizer, OB3 Hammond Organ Clone,         

Cosmos Stage Piano

KORG: - MS 20 - Lambda -

               NEW: KORG 800DV (maxiKorg)

               NEW: KORG TRIDENT (4 Engine Analog Poly Synth)

YAMAHA: - cs 10 - cs 30 - cs 70m

JEN: - sx 1000

PPG: - wave 2.2

Teisco: 100F

Sequential: sixtrack

OSC: - OSCar  (sold)

CASIO: - casiotone MT 40  - VL 1 -

TAMA: - techstar TAM500 Drum Synthesizer

From the DDR, VERMONA: - Synthesizer - Strings / Piano

From the soviet union: - POLYVOKS

GRP A4 Synthesizer

Elector Formant System (3 x VCO, 3 x VCF, 3 x VCA, 6 (!) x ADSR, 3 x LFO...)


ROLAND: - CR 8000 - CR 78 - 2 x TR 606  - TR500

KORG: - Minipops 7 - NEW: KPR 77

VERMONA: - DRM1 MK3 Drum synthesizer - ER-9 Beatbox

SEQUENTIAL - Drumtraks

NOVATION - Drum Station (still the best 808 / 909 Clone)

MFB- Kult 

ARIA- Diamond Beatbox

AK Drummer  Beatbox

TAMA - techstar TAM500 Drum Synthesizer


Roland: - Space Echo RE 301, tape echo/spring reverb/chorus

            - DC 50, "Digital" chorus /reverb/echo 

Boss: - RE 20 space echo pedal

WERSI: - wersivoice rotor simulator

Vesta Kaza: - RV-3 dual spring reverb


SPL: - cannel one, tube preamp/EQ/comppressor/deEsser

Alesis: - 2 x stereo compressor/limiter/gate 3630


LA Audio: - full parametric 3 Band stereo EQ

Vermona: - Graphic Equalizer/Filterbank


NEW:  Magnat all ribbon 8, Magnat Sonobull Trinity SB1

Mixing desk: - MACKIE Onyx 1620-i

Interface: - Mackie Onyx 1620-i firewire, 8 mono out + 4 stereo out, 2 in

                     NEW: Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

                   - Midi: EMU Xmidi 2x2

& some Midi to CV, Midi to Din Sync and Trigger Interfaces.

There`s all the time a Variation of ca. 10% of the machines . Not exactly all the machines you can read in the list are all the time working or in the studio!


   - Q 3   (frank husemann, axel kochmeier, sunny vollherbst),

      our analog techno act, recorded a new record.

   - Q 2   (frank husemann, sunny vollherbst), 

      our Krautrock/spacerock/Berlin school/ Progressiv Band

      Q2 Asteroid is released on the US Label Ricochet Dream.
        Q2 Tiere is released on the US Label Ricochet Dream.

   -  (Sunny Vollherbst) old school seventies analog electro

Synthesizer Studio Hamburg @soundcloud

Q2 Bandcamp

   - Peter van Hoesen & exercise one

 exercise one on Soundcloud

   - Mark Pritchard

      was recording lots of analog material for new Albums.

      A song, completly recorded in the Synthesizer Studio Hamburg:


     April 2012, the HURTS recorded again parts and tracks for their new Album

       EXILE in the Synthesizer Studio Hamburg.

      'EXILE' is coming 11/3/2013. It`s their second studio album.

      You can see the video "the road" from the new record on:

      The dangerous Synth at the End is our POLIVOX Synthesizer from the soviet union!

                         Adam Anderson of Hurts: “We recorded some bits in a

                         synthesizer studio in Hamburg, Germany. In this picture I’m

                         looking down at a mystery black, nameless box with Russian

                         writing on it.”

    - Sven Regener: "Der kleine Bruder" (radio play)

          the electronic music was composed & recorded in the Synthesizer studio Hamburg 


  • RVDS (Richard von der Schulenburg) recorded lots of tracks in the studio. released on on IT.s                                                            
  • DAS BIERBEBEN recorded here most parts of their new album "das Bierbeben". Release: Shitkatapult                                                           

  • TIMID TIGER  replaced on their new album "Timid Tiger and the electric island" softwaresynths with real analog synths        

  • -the new album of MOTHER ENGINE is mixed and produced in the SYNTHESIZER STUDIO