Analog Synthesizer Recording Studio in Hamburg St. Pauli

a wonderfull set up.


Oberheim OB X8!!!

KORG KR 55b, the Rock Version.

Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 in top Condition!

Arturia Matrixbrute

Arturia DrumBrute:

& the Crazy Arturia Microfreak:

The new Synthesizer-God in the Studio:

The Sequential Prophet 5, Rev 4

 ARP 2600 FS:

The new Monster in the Studio:

The wonderfull GRP A4, one of the best Synthesizers ever!

....And the next new Monster in the Studio:

An amazing big  Elektor Formant Synthesizer: (with 2 Doepfer Dark Time Step Sequenzer)

Also new:

The wonderfull Yamaha YC45D Combo Organ

and the  Oberheim / Viscount Cosmos Stage Piano:

Our new releases on Bandcamp:

*we had to change our Bandname Q (taken from star trek) because of the

Qanon assholes!

We are now :


FORMANT A is: Sunny Vollherbst (Berlin School / 70ties Electronics)

FORMANT B is: Frank Husemann & Sunny Vollherbst & Guests

                           (Krautrock, Spacerock, Berlin School, old school electro)

FORMANT X is: Frank Husemann, Sunny Vollherbst & Guests (dark house / techno, dance music)

FORMANT B - Lost In Space


FORMANT B - Phasen



is now also released  on Ricochet Dream


Ricochet Dream

Format: CDr, Album

Country: US

Released: October 2014

Genre: Electronic

Style: Krautrock       

 FORMANT B - Asteroid  is released on the US Label Ricochet dream.





Ricochet Dream ‎– RD070

Format: CDr, Album

Country: US

Released: 13 May 2013

Genre: Electronic

Style: Berlin-School         

A Review to Asteroid: Synth & Sequences

Also new released on Bandcamp:

Sunny Vollherbst`s  Pudel-Trilogy:

FORMANT A - Pudel from outer space


FORMANT A - Pudel in Love

FORMANT A - Invasion of the Zombi-Pudel

New FORMANT X release:

- beat

Dark House from the Synthesizer Studio Hamburg