The Synthesizer Studio Hamburg

is a analog Synthesizer Recording Studio in Hamburg St. Pauli with ca.40 vintage Synthesizers/Organs/Pianos  and ca.20 Drum Machines/Beat Boxes/Drum Synthesizers.

You can rent the Studio or a synthesizer for your own studio production or for a show.

In the SYNTHESIZER STUDIO HAMBURG you can work in different ways:


Enjoy Synthesizers:

You can rent the Studio (with Engineer) for 2 hours, to play different Synthesizers you always wanted to play. Listen to the amazing sound of a Jupiter 8, what is different to a Jupiter 4? Play the famous PPGwave2.2 or the GRP A4...... You tell us, witch Synth you wanna play and we make it possible for you. 

Just for fun.

Synthesizer workshop for beginners:

You can book a single workshop on any free date.

The workshop includes:

- Structure of a analog synthesizer

- how a analog synthesizer works

- how to create a sound on a analog synthesizer

- how to play a analog synthesizer

2 hours lesson (one Person) ......................80.-

2 hours lesson for 2 Persons...................120.-

For little groups  (more than 2 persons) please ask for a price.

Studio Rentall for Interviews or Films: Please ask for a price.

Rent a Synthesizer for your Studio Production or for your show in and around Hamburg.

Please email us for prices:

Corona Rules: Safety is the most important thing in thise times!

-   There is an air filter working in the studio  -   Who feels sick, stays at home.

ARTURIA: Microfreak, MatrixBrute, DrumBrute

ROLAND: -System 100 (two of them) 2 x Model-101 (Synth), 2 x Model-102 (Expander)

                 -Model 103 (Mixer/Spring Reverb), Model 104 (24Step Sequencer),

                 -Sh 05 - Jupiter 4 - Jupiter 8 - JX 8P & DT800 Controller - vintage keys

                     - RS 202 String Ensemble

MOOG: - mini moog - moog prodigy - Moog subsequent 37 - Moog Matriarch

ARP: - Odyssey,  NEW: ARP 2600 FS

Sequential: Prophet 5 rev4 - six track


OBERHEIM / Viscount - OB12 poly Synthesizer, OB3 Hammond Organ Clone,         

                                           - Cosmos Stage Piano

KORG: -MS 20 -Lambda -KORG 800DV (maxiKorg)

               -KORG TRIDENT (4 Engine Analog Poly Synth)

               - SQ-1 Stepsequenzer

YAMAHA: - cs 10 - cs 30 - cs 70m

JEN: - sx 1000

PPG: - wave 2.2


CASIO: - casiotone MT 40  - VL 1 -

From the DDR, VERMONA: - Synthesizer - Strings / Piano

From the soviet union: - POLYVOKS

GRP: A4 Synthesizer

EECTOR FORMANT System (3 x VCO, 3 x VCF, 3 x VCA, 6 (!) x ADSR, 3 x LFO...)

DOEPFER: 2 x Dark Time analog Step Sequencer


Arturia: - DrumBrute

ROLAND: - CR 8000 - CR 78 - 2 x TR 606  - TR500

KORG: - Minipops 7 (the Jean Michel Jarre OXIGENE Beatbox) - NEW: KPR 77 - KR 55b - Minipops SR 120

VERMONA: - ER-9 Beatbox

SEQUENTIAL - Drumtraks

NOVATION - Drum Station (still the best 808 / 909 Clone)

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-3 drum machine 1967

ARIA- Diamond Beatbox

AK Drummer  Beatbox

TAMA Techstar TAM 200: 2 channel Drum Synthesizer and TAMA Techstar TS 305, 6 channel Drum Synthesizer

Akai - Rhytm Wolf


Roland: - Space Echo RE 301, tape echo/spring reverb/chorus

               - DC 50, "Digital" chorus /reverb/echo 

Boss: - RE 20 space echo pedal

WERSI: - wersivoice rotor simulator

Vesta Kaza: - RV-3 dual spring reverb

Electro Harmonix: Polyphase, Dr. Q

Korg:  DRV 3000

....and lots of more or less strange FX Pedals!


SPL: - channel one, tube preamp/EQ/compressor/deEsser

Alesis 3630: - 2 x stereo compressor/limiter/gate


LA Audio: - full parametric 3 Band stereo EQ

Vermona: - Graphic Equalizer/Filterbank


NEW:  Magnat all ribbon 8, Canton LE 500, Canton LE 250

Mixing desk: - MACKIE Onyx 1620-i

Interface: - Mackie Onyx 1620-i firewire, 8 mono out + 4 stereo out, 2 in

                     NEW: Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

                   - Midi: EMU Xmidi 2x2

& some Midi to CV, Midi to Din Sync and Trigger Interfaces.

There`s all the time a Variation of ca. 10% of the Machines .

Not exactly all the machines you can read in the list are all the time working or in the Studio!

The Engineers:

- Can Love Be synth

with their new song BUNKER !

BUNKER on You Tube

 - Peter van Hoesen & exercise one

 exercise one on Soundcloud

   - Mark Pritchard

      was recording lots of analog material for new Albums.

      A song, completly recorded in the Synthesizer Studio Hamburg:


     April 2012, the HURTS recorded again parts and tracks for their new Album

       EXILE in the Synthesizer Studio Hamburg.

      'EXILE' is coming 11/3/2013. It`s their second studio album.

      You can see the video "the road" from the new record on:

      The dangerous Synth at the End is our POLIVOX Synthesizer from the soviet union!

                         Adam Anderson of Hurts: “We recorded some bits in a

                         synthesizer studio in Hamburg, Germany. In this picture I’m

                         looking down at a mystery black, nameless box with Russian

                         writing on it.”

    - Sven Regener: "Der kleine Bruder" (radio play)

          the electronic music was composed & recorded in the Synthesizer studio Hamburg